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Ascent Enterprise AML

anti money laundering

Anti-Money Laundering-Ascent AML

Ascent Anti Money Laundering is an enterprise scale real time monitoring & surveillance solution which helps you comply with Anti Money laundering and Counter terrorist Financing regulations based on surveillance engine which monitors large volume of current transactional data, non-transactional data (KYC) and historical data for suspicious trading patterns in real time or near real time.

As regulators today increasingly seek consistent control across regions and lines of business firms are moving toward single systems to manage AML regulatory need and mediate risk across geographies, Ascent Anti money laundering provides a single, comprehensive and fully cross-referenced solution helps you quickly locate and associate links between people, businesses, assets, and locations through a variety of easy-to-understand subject summaries and broader detailed views.

Ascent AML’s rule based surveillance engine monitors current transactional data, non-transactional data (KYC), and historical data for suspicious trading patterns. It covers a broad range of asset classes & transaction types like Banking transactions (ATM, Switch, POS etc), Treasury/Trading transactions (Equities, Fixed Income, FX, Derivatives, Swaps, Commodities etc).

Ascent AML comes with extensive library of analytical foundation & detection models which helps organization to be compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations from AMLSCU –

bank regulatory orgnizations
“Enterprise level integrated management of the end to end Anti Money laundering Lifecycle made possible now by Ascent Anti Money Laundering Solution”

Why Ascent AML is important to your organization?

Ascent AML enables you to safeguard your organization reputation and avoid fines and penalties associated with non compliance.

To whom Ascent AML appeals?

Ascent AML is designed for financial services organizations like retail banks, investment banks, hedge funds, brokerage houses, insurance companies for AML/CFT compliance.

Benefits of Using Ascent AML

Operational Excellence

  • Eliminate on manual processes, minimizing risk of error
  • Reducing costs
  • Freeing staff from routine number-crunching, redeploying into higher-value activities

Risk Mitigation

  • Greater Financial Control
  • Standardization of methodologies around the enterprise
  • Able to set risk thresholds, data access and other controls centrally
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements


  • Timely real time Monitoring
  • Faster Processing– a million transactions reconciled in 2.39 minutes (as tested by HP)
  • Intelligent Surveillance Engine to detect and report focused violations.
  • Enterprise Solution, seamless integration with virtually any Upstream & Downstream Systems

Fast Implementation

  • Highly flexible and Customizable via Configuration
  • Customer Specific Customization via Configuration
    for any data structure, business rules and reporting

Ascent AML Solutions Key Modules

Watch List Matching

  • Pre configures UN and US watch list in the system
  • Ability to add your own watch list anytime
  • Easy watch list updates and management
  • Fuzzy logic matching with accuracy of entity matches

Customer Due diligence

  • Integration with core systems, reference data and correction of data duplication
  • Ability to reassess customer risk classification as needed and deployed by due diligence
  • Inbuilt KYC, Pre KYC and re KYC

Peer-Peer Grouping

  • Visual link representation among multi-entity transactions
  • Surveillance engine to link related transactions with multiple scenarios
  • Powerful ranking engine with peer group anomaly detection

Alert & Integrated Case Management

  • Integrated Learning mechanism for refined alerts
  • Integrated Alert / Case Management
  • Audit trail of all actions performed on alerts and cases in the system

Behavioural Scoring

  • Inbuilt ‘Foundation Models’ for entity risk profiling
  • Sophisticated Scoring mechanism based on KYC, acct activity, historical patterns

Suspicious Transaction Activity Monitoring

  • Scrutiny Models’ for suspicious / Unusual activity identification
  • Applies scenarios and risk factors to transactions to detect unusual activity

Reporting and Analytics

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Ad-hoc compliance Alerts
  • Scheduled , Ad Hoc Regulatory Compliance reporting
  • Build in Business Intelligence for MIS

FATCA Compliance

  • Provides Complete life cycle assessment for FATCA Compliance  and for new and pre existing customers , business entities and owners
  • Seamless integration to identify customers, implement document request and response processes and generates reports to meet FATCA Compliance

Ascent AML Key Principles

anti money laundering
ascent aml life cycle
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