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Ascent Escrow Management Software

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Escrow is a mechanism used to effectuate real property transfers and other transactions such as exchanges, leases and sales of personal property, securities and loans. Escrow means any transaction wherein one party delivers an item of value, such as any written instrument, money or evidence of title to real or personal property, to an escrow agent. This item of value is then to be held until a specified event or performance of a prescribed condition occurs, when it is then to be delivered by the escrow agent to the other party for the purpose of affecting the sale, transfer, encumbering or leasing of real or personal property.

Current Challenges in Structured Financing in Property Development

escrow software challenges

With increased demand as bank’s escrow account grows, it needs to have an integrated, comprehensive and scalable platform that brings the organization and people together to efficiently manage its real estate investment portfolio and operations that can be used by all its employees including sales, operational, finance and property managers.

Current Challenges in Structured Financing in Property Development

The Ascent Escrow management system provides account level management of all escrow accounts managed by banks with following features

  • End-to-end Management of Escrow accounts for banks
  • Complete suite to manage all stakeholders and transactions
  • Management cash flows across all the stakeholders and end-end reconciliations

Ascent Escrow Management Key Modules

escrow key modules

Ascent Escrow Software Highlights

Customer and Business Centric

  • Customer centric features that help focus on the business
  • Integrated view of business and stakeholders that simplifies usage
  • Actionable Customer & Business Profitability Insights

Business Process Driven

  • Aligned to business processes and reduced manual interventions
  • Reduced time-to-deploy and faster usage features
  • Streamlined Front-to-Back Office Processes

Flexible & Efficient

  • Minimal effort for any modifications in existing projects and accounts
  • Flexible features that helps to adapt different business needs

Intelligent and Comprehensive

  • Intelligent alerts and Payment schedule management
  • Comprehensive Financials to Better Measure and Monitor Results
  • Support for Regulatory Requirements
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