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Guaranteed 24/7 E-commerce Reconciliation

Guaranteed 24/7 E-commerce Reconciliation

E-commerce is the most demanding and equally vulnerable business, where online sales reconciliation is highly critical. It is even more complex to reconcile every minute online transaction, including the card & direct, due to inevitable time variance between banks and websites.

Ascent AutoRecon© is an intelligent transaction matching software, which assures accurate matching and resolves volumes of online transactions in real-time. This helps in bridging the physical gaps between banks and the web.

Ignore Default Settlement Times

Universally, online payment gateways have a default cut of times for settlements, where post cut off settlements are reconciled on the next day. This is really a colossal loss to all the e-commerce businesses.

Ascent AutoRecon© configures with any payment gateway and reconciles e-payments in real-time, thus enabling the businesses to continue even during the odd hours.

It efficiently matches the daily deposits with invoices and generates accurate reports, using intelligent algorithms.


Streamlining Credit Card Reconciliation

Globally, retailers and traders are tired of huge ambiguity in the settlement of online card payments. Every day, lump sum amount of web transactions have to be paid to the banks and reconciled accordingly with the purchasing.

However, reconciliation is impossible without detailed data extraction from the redeemers. Here, any miscommunication leads to data mismatching, piled up unresolved cases and write-offs.

The real-time data extraction process of Ascent AutoRecon© clears the ambiguity in the card payments and maintains transparency in the reconciliation system. It readily integrates with redeem systems and payment gateways.

Handling Direct Payments

If card payments create exception cases, direct payments are exhaustive by nature. They increase the transaction volumes with multi-page statements and make the reconciliation process more complex.

Ascent AutoRecon© simplifies the reconciliation process with easy to customize feature with any banking system and updates the dashboards with accuracy.

Regulatory Compliance

Ascent AutoRecon© complies with emerging regulations and helps the e-Commerce traders to meet the challenges, such as alternative payment methods, indirect tax policies, updated IT systems and changing processes.

Ascent AutoRecon© matching abilities

  • Retail Card and Cash Reconciliation
  • Debit and Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Voucher Reconciliation
  • Online Banking Reconciliation
  • E-retailers Reconciliation