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Exception Management

Exception Management

Managing exception cases is directly proportional to achieving higher Straight Through Processing (STP) rates. If an automated enterprise integration could streamline the STP of an organization, an intelligent recon engine could equally upsurge the exception handling capacity.

Ascent AutoRecon© performs intelligent matching to report focused exceptions, which help reducing costs for an enterprises’ reconciliation operations. And this is possible due to careful planning, which we have started during our design phase itself.

The innovative reconciliation solution is fully configurable to define a process specific data source, pre-processing, grouping rules, matching rules, match combinations & iterations, recon status, embedded exception management, enterprise reports, managerial dashboards, custom user workbench based on  any view dimensions, batch process jobs, schedules, real-time reconciliation & data loading/updates, transaction life cycle workflow, authorized accessibility & workflow, alerts & escalations, auditability and system traceability log dashboard.

Key Differentiators

  • Audit trail for every transaction
  • Artificial intelligence in matching
  • Only valid exceptions to work upon
  • Integrated Case Management


  • Raising all charge backs for resolution of disputes, raising & settling debit/credit adjustments
  • Making presentments as per Rules and Mandates of different ATM Sharing arrangement
  • Maintain history of charge backs and their resolutions
  • Create first presentment and second, if there issuer bank response is not received within a configured ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
  • Monitor and reconcile all credit processed to cardholders & auto reconfirmation received against host CBS
  • Generation of reports / host systems updates for debiting or crediting the cardholders for the amount of Chargeback or Re-presentment
  • Auto-Debiting / Crediting Cardholders accounts through integration with host General Ledger
  • Creation of outgoing files for chargeback for MASTER / EBL / NFS (NPCI)/ Tie up banks / Networks as in the specified format of BASE 24 or any other format
  • Fully integrated, configurable and online management of exceptions summary, balances and transaction details with drilldown capability
  • Real-time capability of Break resolution like manual matching, manual un-matching and write offs
  • Cancelled and corrected transactions are processed in real-time
  • Advanced dynamic user composed search filter for single and ranged values
  • Advanced and dynamic user composed business calculator for aggregate and equal all matched indication for the on fly selected transaction
  • System can be customized via configuration to automatically keep track of the data entry errors made by each individuals and the team on a day to day basis
  • Automatically can send the feedback through-mail keeping all the stakeholders in loop.
  • System can be customized via configuration to automatically escalate any unhandled mismatch exceptions to the next level stakeholders; this will help draw the attention of the superiors for timely resolution

For Nostro Debits-To-Mirror Credits & Nostro Credits-To-Mirror Debits, the exception screens will show the exception summary level report with Matched & Un-Matched transactions. The user can select a particular entry for viewing the exception details.