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IT Disaster Recovery

IT Disaster Recovery

When there is an unplanned shutdown of the organisation’s IT systems, the priority is Disaster Recovery. The organisation needs to respond with speed and agility while minimizing the exposure during downtime. The priority is the Data Recovery service that can help safeguard your critical business data, maintain productivity of your resources and keep the financial losses as low as possible.

Ascent technologies provides you with a reliable IT Disaster Recovery service by leveraging technology and automation to support the recovery process and manage the costs. We provide customized disaster recovery solutions that enable organisation to recover their data up to the point of failure. Through classification of the data that is critical to the business we are able to provide high quality data backup to prevent loss of critical information.

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Ascent IT Disaster Recovery Service:

  • Establish the scope of the activity
  • Gather all relevant Information – network infrastructure documents, network diagrams, equipment configurations, databases
  • Identify Management perception of serious threats and vulnerabilities to the IT infrastructure
  • Determine Recovery Time Objective /Recovery Point Objective
  • Suggest relevant standards like
    • NIST SP 800-34,
    • ISO/IEC 24762
    • and BS 25777
  • Determine the location of the DR site
  • Establish the process, Implement the solution, do the testing and go live.
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Benefits of Disaster Recovery Services

  • Preventing Critical Data Loss
  • Improved Brand Image
  • Minimizing Downtime
  • Preventing Heavy Financial Losses