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Our Products


The ATM Reconciliation software can help ensure that all ATM transactions (cash replenishments, withdrawals, transfers and other transactions) are truly, properly and correctly represented and posted in relevant accounts


AUTORECON© Card Reconciliation Software is the most innovative Credit Card Reconciliation Software Solution that enables financial institutions to automate the daily balancing of the debit and credit cards


Ascent banking reconciliation software is designed to resolve the above mentioned settlement issues of Nostro & Vostro accounts


AUTORECON© Securities Reconciliation Software can perfectly streamline the Straight Through Processing, through real-time analysis for financial reconciliation of cash and securities instruments.


AUTORECON© Issuer Acquirer-reconciliation is a well-designed and industry-proven solution that simplifies the reconciliation and settlement process for issuer acquirer transactions


Ascent AutoRecon© General Ledger Reconcilation automatically balances the transaction records with that of General Ledger, using highly intelligent algorithms.


Ascent AutoRecon© fund transfer reconciliation software complies with the Central Bank’s Regulations and helps in settlement of payments in real-time


Ascent AutoRecon© configures with various WPS solutions and updates the dashboards in real-time.

ecommerce -online

Ascent AutoRecon© eCommerce Online reconciliation  is an intelligent transaction matching software, which assures accurate matching and resolves volumes of online transactions in real-time.


Ascent Escrow ProMart© Management System is an enterprise system and is fully compliant to Real estate regulatory requirements.


Ascent Escrow ProMart© offers a comprehensive suite of property management system, where the software enables the stakeholders to automate their real estate functionalities


Ascent Escrow ProMart© software enables the owner’s association to ensure smoother transaction flow through ProMart© Escrow Account Management.