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RBAC and Workflow

Streamlining Reconciliation through RBAC Workflow

If an automated third party solution can accurately match and filter unmatched transaction cases in real-time, it should equally ensure data integrity.

Ascent AutoRecon© can mask any sensitive data field at the view level, based on the user privilege to be allowed to see the actual customer information. This ensures more data integrity. It defines up to what level a particular user can match the exceptions in tolerance.

Managing Write-offs

Every back office personnel cannot perform write-offs, looking at their defined roles. If a force/manual match is done, then it should go to a queue of proposed match group and supervisor should approve it.

AutoRecon© adjusts the workflow according to respective roles and supports in performing Tolerance Matching for Write-off Generation.

Similarly, Ascent reconciliation solution changes the workflow as per user requirement. This helps the user to run certain auto match rules on priority basis on a particular day.

In every quarter, exchange traded contracts are settled and the volume increases significantly. In this case, the system has to prioritize matching of such records.

RBAC Workflow Module

AutoRecon© workflow module can be configured specific to user’s authorization, based on this a particular CRUD operation will be sent to the next level supervisor for approval. User’s workflow can be configured conditionally for a multi-level approval.

  • Configuration of Role Based Access Control rules to provide or restrict the access\view to different users for various functionality or data
  • Any modifications can be controlled at each field level. For instance if the user needs a supervisors approval for any data modified, then the system will automatically initiate the workflow and also notifies the supervisor regarding the same through e-mail\system alert
  • The supervisor can choose to approve or reject the modification after his\her review, if rejected the modifications are rolled back, else committed
  • Configuration of operations workflow, any data management (CRUD operations on data) action of a user will automatically flow through the user specific approval hierarchy based on the configuration conditionally or implicit
  • Filter the data records based on customer\department\location to be allowed to view\not to be allowed to view