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Handling Volumes of Cash & Securities Settlements

Securities reconciliation is a critical functionality and any mismatching may put the back office operations at high risk. Ascent AutoRecon© understands the intensity and can perfectly streamline the Straight Through Processing, through real-time analysis.

In securities reconciliation, every security transaction needs to be reconciled between two books. Here, the internal record holdings such as stocks, funds, shares and other security funds have to be valid with the records obtained from custodians systems of those same holdings in actual time.

Volumes of transactions in terms of trades and settlements pile up on a daily or intra-daily basis and manually the user may bound to commit mistakes. Moreover, decoding and formatting secure financial data messaging systems like SWIFT, is another critical process.

AutoRecon©, a SWIFT compliant software, performs dynamic pre-processing and enables multi-way matching of received messages with internal data, in real-time. The software is easy to configure with existing messaging systems and is highly customizable.

AutoRecon© handles volumes of cash and securities transactions in record time. Thus, it zeroes down the manual errors and reduces operational costs. It identifies and alerts for new breaks & unresolved breaks and rationalizes the exception workflow with integrated case management.

AutoRecon© resolves:

  • Trade: Trading & Settlement Systems, Pre-settlement open trades & various Counterparties/Custodians
  • Cash: Cash balances, Statements (SWIFT) from Counterparties, Cash Item, Client Accounts & Net Settlement Value
  • Asset: Asset Classes, Depot Account, Internal Books & Custodians